Williams makes surprise visit to ‘Nightly’ set

NBC’s Jenna Wolfe spent a day as an NBC page as part of an ongoing series the “Today Show” is doing.

Part of that showed Wolfe speaking to a tour group in the “NBC Nightly News” studio, which provides some interesting looks behind the scenes of the set. Wolfe is also heard explaining the power of the projection screens (though isn’t the brightness calculated in lumens?) and making a joke about why Williams stands to open the news.

Oops. Wolfe should probably pay more attention to her own network’s shows! Williams hasn’t stood to introduce “Nightly” in over a year, as Williams corrects her later.

As true TV news fans, your NewscastStudio team has been on the NBC studios tour a combined half a dozen times or so. I was always that guy who answered all the questions (which seemed to annoy the pages a bit). A favorite question is about the notes that make up the NBC chimes, which the pages gleefully announce stand for “General Electric Company,” the network’s parent (the notes are G-E-C). However, this falls slightly short of accurate, because NBC was using the chimes as early as the 1930s, and GE didn’t acquire the network until 1986 so it’s more of a “backronym.”

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