RTNDA’s ‘Communicator’ history as of this summer

In an interview with TVNewsday, RTNDA has announced that “Communicator” magazine will cease publication this summer.

The move comes just a few months after RTNDA redesigned the magazine and cut the number of issues it publishes per year.

In the interview, Ed Esposito, the chairman of RTNDA, mentions that the organization will be looking for ways to improve its online coverage. That’s a message that we’ve heard before but never really came to fruition. When RTNDA last redesigned its Web site, there was talk of improved online content, including a “solutions” area highlighting products and services related to TV news — an section of the site that sits mostly empty.

In reality, the site isn’t much more than a repository of press releases and overviews of various RTNDA initiatives and research projects. RTNDA did make a move to boost the Communicator section of the site, which was a welcome change. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, Communicator material becomes “online only” once its print counterpart closes shop.

Communicator is supported by advertising, which leans heavily toward set designers, music companies and motion graphics firms.


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