More details of KDKA HD set emerge


Via TVNewsTalk, a photo of the new KDKA-TV set has emerged via a station staffer’s Twitter account.

As we reported earlier, the new set appears to retain the existing wall structure but is sporting a new desk, duras and two monitor walls. KDKA had a similar set several years ago during one of the station’s many refreshes (many of which involved new paint jobs). Two previous iterations of the monitor walls featured a look similar to that being used now with the black background as well as a version with frosted plexi in front blurring the monitors significantly.

While the new set has a polished, consistent feel to it, it’s not an overly exciting look. In some ways it has similarities to the set at Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV, which also uses a cityscape dura and monitor walls. That was an advantage to KDKA’s previous look; its more abstract branded collage background made it stand out from the competition well.

This new set also means the city of Pittsburgh has three FX-designed sets: KDKA, WTAE and Cox-owned NBC affiliate WPXI-TV.