CNN launches new iPhone App


Via PC World, CNN has rolled out a new iPhone app that is by far the best currently available.

On Tuesday morning, CNN introduced an iPhone app that puts to shame similar products. Featuring live newscasts, video-on-demand, and a familiar iPhone interface, the CNN iPhone app also takes a step ahead of other news apps by charging $2 for the download.

The $2 CNN iPhone app is now available for download in the iTunes store (U.S. only at the moment). Besides the regular text and photo content that a free single-source news app usually delivers, the CNN iPhone app steals the spotlight with live video streaming for breaking news and on-demand video of recent newscasts.

The app is available for $2 and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store at this link.

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The CNN iPhone app also features a cover flow based news viewer. The viewer allows people to quickly view major stories in various categories.


The app also has CNN’s iReport built right in, now sending in news is easier than ever.