Belo stations debut new sites


Many Belo stations including KREM-TV and WWL-TV have debuted new Web sites. Read more after the jump.

The new sites are now center-aligned, which is a big improvement over the old style that pushed all the content to the left side of the screen.

The sites, which are powered by Broadcast Interactive Media, feature a generous header area that includes a banner ad, search function and weather data, as well as a large area for individual station branding. WWL-TV has elected to run its Web site URL higher in this area with a stylized cityscape below. KREM-TV, on the other hand, uses the entire area for its site logo.

The redesign hasn’t been rolled out to all Belo stations yet, including WFAA-TV or WCNC-TV.

Below this area is the navigation for the site but it doesn’t seem to carry quite the weight that navigation should. The small text size and spacing make it feel a bit light and doesn’t stand out that well.

Below the header, the content uses a pretty typical news site design that’s a bit cluttered and has promos and ads scattered about.

Inside pages devote the far left-hand column to a banner ad and adds a subnavigation bar under the main link buttons.


Overall, there isn’t anything very special about this redesign and doesn’t stand out among the many, many TV station sites out there already.