‘The Early Show’ debuts new graphics in move to HD

CBS News’s “The Early Show” debuted new graphics in high definition on Monday.

The new graphics are clean and very bright and use some of the colors introduced in the newest “Evening News” graphics. Compared to the “Today Show,” these graphics seem to be similar in many ways.

Opening Video:

It’s interesting that they added some computer window effects that mimic the Apple Mac operating system. In the corner of some graphics these elements appear and a scroll bar appears on the right of each box.

On the L3 these elements also appear, right under “Early Show” the three little circles appear from the Apple operating system windows.


So, what is the point of these elements? Probably to give the graphics a “modern” feel… but, overall compared to “Today,” these graphics already seem a bit dated.

The open is also very barren, with just the spinning transition that was introduced a few looks ago, with really nothing else but white and a CBS eye. The opening sequence now also includes the talent names in a very similar manner to “Today.”

The open also introduced a new voiceover from a professional artist.

Knowing CBS’s history, these graphics may not last too long either. We’ll see. An interesting note, CBS News had new graphics ready to roll out in early 2010 but the launch was pulled and they started from scratch as a new executive producer came to the show.

View a full gallery of the new graphics here.