BBC launches U.S. news site


The BBC has launched a new site dedicated to U.S. news.

AdAge writes, “The BBC is growing its editorial operations with an original news site aimed at the American audience. Launching Thursday, will feature U.S.-focused articles on politics and general news to be produced by a staff of around 10 journalists based in the company’s Washington bureau.”

“We want to build on the momentum of our business,” Miranda Cresswell, senior VP for, explained about the enterprise. The BBC operates under a public trust, and its website cannot serve any advertising to computers based in the U.K.; readers outside of the Commonwealth, however, have been seeing ads for the past two years, most of which comes from the U.S. market. “We tripled ad revenue last year from the year before, and we plan on doubling this year,” Ms. Cresswell said.

The BBC previously had news from the US, but not this level of commitment. Users can access the site here.