‘This Week’ debuts with updated graphics and theme


“This Week with Christiane Amanpour” debuted this past Sunday with many changes, including new graphics, music and an updated set at the Newseum.

The new graphics use red as the dominant color, dropping the previous red and blue look. The new graphics are also much more polished than the previous hodge-podge. While the open in the previous package was nice, the rest of the graphics felt like an afterthought.

The opening now shows various places around the world, while the previous focused on Washington D.C. landmarks, echoing Amanpour’s journalism background.

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Previous Open:

New Open:

Musically, the show dropped its large orchestral theme by Score Productions for something much lighter. The new theme uses mainy trumpet elements from Chris Botti with the previous “This Week” mnemonic (or sonic brand).


To hear previous themes, visit our friends at Network News Music.


Set wise, the show changed out the various panels behind the roundtable at the Newseum. The previous panels featured the “This Week” logo, they were dropped for a large world map.

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