Stations purchasing news sets again with HD push

TVNewsCheck has an article on set design and how more stations are now budgeting for them with the move to HD.

“After a period of deferred studio upgrades due to a sluggish economy, TV stations are once again building new HD studio sets and, in some cases, looking to incorporate multimedia elements, big visuals and improved lighting. That’s the word from set and lighting designers who all seem to be busy, but who are having to cope with a demanding market. Stations are insisting on trimming costs – new sets range from $75,000 to $350,000 – and they want projects completed faster, in some cases in as little as a month, the designers say.”

Mentioned in the article are two concepts many stations are moving towards, multimedia content and captivating large-screen visuals.

“We are now moving into a phase of less bling on the set – meaning less fine detail – to more large focal elements. We are starting to see more iconic designs that are visually stimulating,” said Dan Devlin of Devlin Design Group.

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