Quantum Vizualization Laboratories hopes to bring VR to local stations

qvizFormed to develop applications and plug-ins for the real-time 3D graphics market, Quantum Vizualization Laboratories recently announced its corporate launch.

QVizLabs will focus primarily on “products and services to enable live, local HD broadcasting to expand beyond the confines of current studio facilities.”

Virtual Realty solutions, already proven successful internationally and at the US network level, are being scaled by QVizLabs to the operations, manpower and budgets of Call Letter Stations across the US.

QVizLabs is working closely with the industry leading developers of VR technologies to provide stable and scaled solutions that push the technological boundaries while maintaining the reliability expected by demanding CLS operations.

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, QVizLabs will be working closely with its sister company, Trinity Systems Engineering, to provide the highest level of real-time graphics products and services to the CLS market starting in early 2011.