Vizrt to debut graphics control application for the iPad

During IBC2010, a content creation trade show in RAI Amsterdam, Vizrt will introduce a new iPad application that, “allows users to control newsroom playlists, including video and graphics directly from the handheld device.”

“We’re very excited about Viz Anchor App. We’ve been talking to many of our customers, and there is a clear demand for an application that allows presenters to control graphics directly. Video walls are a good example of this need, ” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Vizrt CTO. “But Viz Anchor App is much more than a glorified remote control for your playlist. With the Viz Anchor App’s support for video and graphics playback on the iPad, users can integrate the device into the presentation and make it an integral part of the show.”

The new app will integrate with other Vizrt products. With the app, an anchor can see video clips and graphics without a PC or TV and can control some displays, such as touch screens, adding additional functionality.

“This results in a more dynamic presentation with a smooth and organic flow” said Vizrt in a statement.