CNN en Español getting makeover


CNN en Español is undergoing what the network calls the most comprehensive revamp in its history. A poll, video and more commentary after the jump.

The first of the changes to roll out is a new logo that drops the words “en Español” in favor of a stylized tilde over the two “N”s in the familiar CNN logo.

The tilde “suggests movement, the dynamic nature of news and a reference to the language that unites our viewers,” CNN said in a press release.

The new logo is an interesting shift and while creative, it could be viewed almost as a logo meant more as a parody. It’s also worth nothing that the thickness and style of the tilde doesn’t quite match that of the main CNN lettering, which makes it feel a bit like an afterthought.

Plans also call for a new studio in Atlanta as well as a new production hub in Miami. The network is also investing in two new control rooms in Atlanta for the network.

While the new logo has already been integrated into the network’s on-air graphics, the Web site has yet to be updated.

The network has also begun airing a new promo:


What do you think of the new logo? Vote here: