St. Louis Gannett station gets new site


KSDK-TV, the NBC affiliate in St. Louis, has launched a revamped Web site. The redesigned site features a much cleaner layout than the previous Gannett standard, including a simplified header with generous negative space, large navigation buttons and prominent talent photos.

Top stories and weather are also featured prominently on the homepage, along with, when needed, breaking news and school closings banners. The rest of the page is filled with a smaller boxes featuring top stories from various sections of the site.

The new site still appears to have some bugs, including some sidebar and footer content not being displayed correctly.

As of Monday morning, it appears the rollout of the new look has been somewhat limited. Knoxville’s WBIR-TV is using the new layout and Gannett’s Nashville paper, The Tennessean, is also using it.