Production music enters the cloud with SmartSound

SmartSound Software has announced that Quicktracks, the company’s revolutionary new Cloud-based music customization service, will be offered by 5 Alarm Music, a division of Imagem Music Group, for use in its Cinemasounds, 1VU, First Degree Music and 5 Alarm Music libraries.

“Quicktracks represents a watershed moment in production music,” said Kevin Klingler, CEO of SmartSound Software, Inc. “Allowing users to quickly set the length, arrangement and mix of their music online, Cloud-based Quicktracks is a production music industry first. By making Quicktracks available for their Cinemasounds, 1VU, First Degree Music and 5 Alarm Music libraries, 5 Alarm Music will be offering a brand new set of fast and flexible creative options to their clients, who include some of the leading media and entertainment companies in the world.”

“Until now, the production music industry has seen only minimal innovation in making production music more creatively relevant to their clients’ projects,” adds Cassie Lord, Vice President and General Manager of 5 Alarm Music. “For decades, broadcast cuts have been available only in pre-edited lengths and with limited alternative mixes and arrangements. Any additional changes or edits had to be done off-line, after the fact, if they were available at all. SmartSound’s new Quicktracks revolutionizes this process, giving 5 Alarm’s clients complete control of track length, arrangement, and even the mix, right online—greatly improving the options they have available to create a better fit with their visual.”