MSNBC Studio 3K added to SetStudio

We’ve added photos from MSNBC’s latest studio to SetStudio.

The set is a flexible, high tech environment that  plays host to MSNBC’s The ED Show, Your Business, Lawrence O’Donnell and First Look as well as NBC’s Early Today. The set, designed by Clickspring Design, was designed with an anchor desk that can be shot in 3 directions offering a variety of background options which include: color-changing LED walls, an interactive bezel-less monitor array, and a large rear projection window. Two formal doorways to adjoining workspace at Rockefeller Center provide longer perspective and a sense of connection to the extensive capabilities of the network.

Clickspring visually tied the MSNBC/NBC brand into the studio by using elements of their main studio design vernacular and incorporating imagery from Rockefeller center itself.

Along with this set, Studio 3K contains NBC’s large green screen, seen in many elections.