Stephen Arnold Music creates score for CNN’s 9/11 coverage

Stephen Arnold Music has created a moving and inspirational music score for CNN’s coverage of “9/11- Ten Years Later.” CNN will use the music in a range of shows and promotions during the week leading up to the commemoration, and a secondary, more sparse arrangement will play behind CNN’s live coverage of the unveiling of the 9/11 Memorial on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011.

“Being entrusted with this tremendous responsibility is an honor and a thrill for us,” said Stephen Arnold. “It reminds us of why we became musicians in the first place – music’s power to heal, to translate and elicit emotions, and to draw us together as humans.”

In the creative process with the network, CNN requested that Stephen Arnold Music compose music that carried a sense of dignity and remembrance. At the same time, the music had to fulfill more practical needs by effectively branding and unifying CNN’s weeklong coverage of the commemoration.

Stephen Arnold Music balanced all these considerations and composed a memorable thematic melody over subtly powerful chord changes that marks the historical moment and simultaneously inspires a sense of moving forward.

In the main theme, “9/11: 10 Years Later,” those sentiments are given voice primarily by strings, French horn and orchestral percussion.