‘Nightly News’ moves to 3B

UPDATED: More images, video and commentary.

“NBC Nightly News” moved to its new home in Studio 3B starting with tonight’s broadcast.

The new set, seen above and in photos we previously posted, shares space with “Rock Center.”

The new set is similar in many ways to the look and feel of the old studio, including a similar anchor desk, video walls, wall treatments and colors. There are differences, of course, such as the control room image projected on the set’s larger screen and backlit blue panels, but overall the style will feel very familiar to viewers.

In a reopen, viewers are treated to a wide view of the set shot from over on the “Rock Center” area, in which that show’s small, cube-like anchor desk wrapped in flat panel video panels is seen sporting the “Nightly News” title card graphic.


The one-shot on anchor Brian Williams includes a background video loop of the view from the previous “Nightly News” studio.

The set’s anchor desk seems a bit larger and accommodates guests better, as shown in this wide shot of Williams and medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

The desk’s orientation allow allows the set’s larger rear projection screen to be used as a prominent scenic element in the wide views of guest shots.

This rear project screen is surrounded by a series of backlit and metal tone panels, giving it a dramatic framing.

Meanwhile, the one shot of Snyderman put her in front of the video walls from the “Rock Center” set area.

Here is a Williams talking about the new home: