Yahoo! building studio in NYC

Yahoo! is transforming 5,000 square feet of office space into a digital video production studio, reports CNET.

The studio will likely be heavily used as part of the partnership with ABC News Yahoo! announced in October.

Plans call for the facility to include two sets, seven edit bays, a control room and green room. Additional space will be reconfigured to seat 120 staffers in a newsroom-style setup.

Yahoo! declined to provide details on how much the project is costing, instead pegging the price at “”Just enough to win.”

Yahoo! currently produces a finance show called “Breakout,” which is produced from rented studio space. The lease on that space ends in March and the production will shift to the new facility, along with “Trending Now” and “Daily Ticker.”

“Breakout” will use a finance-themed set, while the second set will be a multipurpose environment for sports, lifestyle, entertainment and other categories.