CNN finally begins using newsroom for ‘Newsroom’

When CNN moved into Studio 7, the former newsroom went dark and was completely revamped.

Until recently, the former studio and newsroom was not seen on air, and “CNN Newsroom” was without a newsroom.

On some weekends, Don Lemon now broadcasts from the newsroom. While the new newsroom is not intended to be a primary broadcast position, CNN has been using it more and more on weekends as a flashcam position for anchors and even guests.

We wonder if this is because of costs, must like how “NBC Nightly News” uses a news nook on the weekends to avoid using the main studio, requiring less staff and resources. Or, does this have something to do with the massive CNN Election Center?

Much like NBC News, CNN has also been broadcasting a live feed of the newsroom behind anchors in Studio 7, making it seem like they’re in the newsroom, when in reality they’re in the studio.