Fox News focuses digital strategy on interaction, mobile

VentureBeat has an interesting article (via TV News Insider) about Fox News Channel’s focus on both interactive and mobile platforms, including incorporating the “TV Everywhere” strategy into its efforts.

Of particular note is Fox News’ focus on providing content that can be accessed from multiple devices — both in terms of a full spectrum of platforms and on a particular user’s arsenal of gadgets. The network is beefing up technology that not only adapts content to multiple screen sizes and technological requirements, but also is adding ways for a single user to use a centralized system to access personalized content from multiple locations, including the ability to pick up viewing video where he or she left off.

The article also makes notes of Fox News’ efforts to add interactivity to content, especially in the arenas of anchor-viewer interaction and user contributed content.

The network has also experimented with a multi-view video player during its Iowa Caucus coverage.