Landmarks sporting ‘Today’ colors for show’s anniversary

Venerable morning show “Today” will celebrate its 60th anniversary tomorrow, Friday the 13th, with what some might consider an ultimate branding accomplishment: lighting up world-renowned landmarks with the show’s colors.

One of those, the Empire State Building, is shown in this illustration sporting the show’s yellow and orange hues.

Other participants include Niagra Falls, the Bellagio casino fountains in Las Vegas and the Goodyear Blimp during a flyover of the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. More details here.

The show’s birthday is actually Jan. 14, but producers bumped it up a day to celebrate on a weekday.

In addition to the landmark lighting, viewers will be treated to plenty of other treats marking the occasion, including a look back at past moments from the show, a presidential greeting and more. The show has also posted the first episode on its website.