Chryon partners with German firm for live graphics solutions

Chryon has announced a partnership with German company Ventuz Technology AG to boost its line of realtime, live, interactive graphics.

Ventuz is known for 3D real-time software, which is used predominantly for high-end presentations, interactive applications and on-air graphics.

Ventuz software provides an authoring environment for video, animation and 2D and 3D graphics playback and control in interactive settings. Its software has been used in productions including “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,” “Million Pound Drop” and “Big Brother.”

The partnership between Chyron and Ventuz will build on scalable and popular Chyron broadcast infrastructure, giving broadcasters an added degree of versatility and creativity in dynamic real-time graphics.

While Chyron has beefed up its graphics portfolio in recent years with the acquisition and overhaul of Web-based graphics system Axis, it has fallen short in the area of realtime, interactive graphics, yielding much of that market to Vizrt.

“Ventuz is an impressively flexible tool for creating visually stunning interactive in-studio applications,” said Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron’s president and CEO, in a statement. “We’re very pleased to be working with the company as its software opens up an exciting new range of possibilities for both new and existing Chyron customers around the globe.”