‘Katie’ gets debut date, new logo

Katie Couric’s new daytime syndicated talk show has been given an official debut date, Sept. 10, and is also sporting a new look.

The talk show, produced by Couric’s former NBC boss Jeff Zucker, previously released promotional materials with soft purple, pink and tan toned background a script rendition of “Katie.”

The new look, and the one that will be used on the air, opts for an all-lowercase version of “Katie” in a a black, serif font surrounded by a shiny blue arc. The dot of the “I” becomes a yellow-toned ball with a bright lens flare.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for shows to change their looks between the initial promotional materials and debut, but it is interesting that this look is so drastically different. Overall, it has a much more corporate and cool feel, though it does retain some informal elements.

The font choice, which appears to be a variation of the classic Bodoni, is an interesting pick, especially considering popular talk show “Dr. Phil” uses a similar typeface.

Bodoni is frequently associated with high-style and high-fashion.