L.A. independent station selects Orad virtual sets

KCET-TV, the largest publicly supported independent television station in the U.S., has purchased the Orad ProSet Virtual Studio system for one of its two new studios currently under construction in Burbank, Calif.

The station plans to collaborate with its world-class creative community and utilize the new facility to produce unique programming with a national and international appeal.

“We wanted one studio to have as much versatility as possible and virtual seemed to meet all of our requirements, including a favorable ROI, quick changes for sets, no set storage, augmented reality elements – and, of course, the ability to create amazing looking sets. Virtual affords us many creative and economic opportunities not available to us previously,” said KCET Vice President of Engineering and Operations Gordon Bell in statement issued by Orad.

Bell added, “During the design and installation process, I’ve had to make many gut-wrenching decisions, but the decision to use Orad was not one I had to dwell on. Orad is the market leader; they’ve been doing virtual studios longer than anyone and they offer a turnkey solution in terms of hardware, software, and camera tracking.”