’60 Minutes’ image campaign morphs CBS eye into stopwatch

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CBS has recently started airing a series of promos from The DMCI, an Australian creative agency under the “CBS Eyecon Image Campaign” banner, including a great one for “60 Minutes.”

In the “60 Minutes” spot, shown above, the CBS eye is craftily animated into the iconic ticking stopwatch and then back into the eye. While the design of this spot and all the other accompanying ones is very clean and, at times, even geometric, the subtle use of 3D gives the spot a nice sense of depth and visual interest.

The animation DMCI applied to the design adds a fun, playful feel to spot, especially with the subtle “pulses” on the stopwatch’s nobs.

In addition to “60 Minutes,” DMCI also created similar spots for other CBS shows, including “Two and a Half Men,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “NCIS,” “CSI” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

View the 60 second version of the campaign that incorporates the graphics from all the shows here.



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