CNN and Facebook partner for election experience

CNN and Facebook have partnered to create “an interactive and uniquely social experience” across all platforms.

“This partnership doubles down on CNN’s mission to provide the most engaging coverage of the 2012 election season,” said Sam Feist, CNN Washington bureau chief on a CNN blog entry. “CNN’s unparalleled political reporting combined with Facebook’s social connectivity will empower more American voters in this critical election season.”

The partnership will feature:

“I’m Voting” Facebook App

The app will enable people who use Facebook to commit to voting and endorse specific candidates and issues. Commitments to vote will be displayed on people’s Facebook timeline, news feed, and real-time ticker. The app will serve as a “second screen” for CNN’s America’s Choice 2012 political coverage.

Measuring Facebook Buzz

Facebook and CNN will measure metrics about President Obama, Vice President Biden, Mitt Romney, and the Republican vice presidential candidate as soon as the running mate has been named.

Facebook Surveys

Facebook and CNN will survey voting-age users in key U.S. locations and demographics around the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Presidential Debates, Election Day and other significant dates on the political calendar.