Fox 31 Denver rolls out new set

KDVR-TV, Denver’s Fox affiliate, debuted its new home on Monday, designed by FX Design Group.

The move comes after KWGN-TV took over the space Fox 31 was using.

The set is a radical departure from the previous, which was dubbed the “information center” and located in the newsroom.

Previous set:

The new set lacks the over-the-top modern finishes of the previous and utilizes wood heavily. Bright graphic panels adorn the set with views of Denver.


The set also uses stone work textures heavily, similar to KWGN-TV, on the knee wall and in the stand up area.

Overall, the set is a big change from the previous, but this is what new management wanted.

Gone is the open and airy newsroom, now the station is using a traditional set for a more traditional newscast. The set works for this and shoots well on air. The stone work texture adds depth and creates a nice effect when mixed with the metal.



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