CNN uses digital mic flags at conventions for changeable branding

Wondering what replaced the normal bright red CNN mic flag?

Three little monitors. Yep, three monitors arranged in a digital mic flag.

Recom Group, the original creator of the digital mic flag, reports use by CBS, CNET, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, CNN, and Bloomberg. They’ve popped up during NFL games, during the NCAA playoffs and now at the RNC.

The digital mic flag can display anything, up to 2gb, with each monitor able to display separate video.

The cost is a bit higher, about $500, compared to $100 for a standard mic flag. The one advantage, you can have multiple loops preloaded, so you can use the same one for CNN, CNNi and HLN.

The main disadvantage is how awkward they look. The technology is still evolving, so the mic flags are a bit large, and look very bulky. In the future, we predict these will be more seamless, creating the ultimate mic for reporters.

Here’s Al Roker talking about his on the “Today Show:”


h/t George