CNN continues use of virtual

We’ve noticed CNN has continued using Tom Foreman virtual technology now that the election is over.

This chromakey motion-tracking technology has been the standard in Europe, with only some adoption in the U.S. Networks like NBC, CNN and Fox News only seem to roll it out during elections, with CNBC using it for mainly taped specials.

Maybe times are changing at CNN, as Foreman has appeared repeatedly from his green bunker, breaking down stats and the virtual senate. We only can hope the virtual senate is not reelected by CNN.


The technology allows for some cool reporting techniques, but oddly CNN continues to feel the need to use snappy camera moves for it, almost like you’re watching a spy movie. Foreman will be talking about a chart, then a camera will gitterly shake and pan to the floor.

While we applaud the use of this expensive technology for times other than the election, it still needs a bit more refinement from the major networks… or they should just search on YouTube and see how European stations are skillfully using it.