Denver station rolls out mobile WX lab

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KCNC-TV, the CBS O&O and Denver, has wheeled out a new addition to its weather team — a mobile weather lab.

The vehicle, created in partnership with Colorado Chevy Dealers, is billed as the state’s first and only mobile weather lab.

“This is a really exciting new addition to our news team,” the station’s News Director Tim Wieland said in a story published on the station’s website. “The mobile weather lab is the first vehicle in the state that can travel anywhere and broadcast live weather data instantly giving our reporters and photographers the ability to cover Colorado’s extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, fires, blizzards and hail storms from even very remote locations so that  viewers can have the most up-to-date and accurate reports.”

The vehicle, a 2013 Chevrolet Suburban modified for off road driving, hit the streets on Super Bowl Sunday and is equipped with instruments that can gauge wind speed, wind chill factors, precipitation, barometric pressure and solar intensity. In addition, the truck is equipped with microwave, satellite and cellular transmission abilities.






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