Devlin debuts sets in Montana, Tennessee



Devlin Design Group has debut two sets this week, one at KPAX-TV in Missoula, Mont., and another at WTVC-TV in Chattanooga, Tenn.



KPAX-TV received a fresh new look stocked with backlit, color changing LED walls, warm wood tones and a large anchor desk backed with a large flat panel monitor between the anchors.

The sets backlit walls feature wide horizontal bands, while various parts of the set, including anchor desk, camera center monitor and weather center, boast LED frames that add an additional splash of color.

WTVC-TV, meanwhile, has debuted a set that features a smaller anchor desk made mostly of backlit plexi. Here, too, a large monitor is situated behind the anchors. This set’s featured tall swathes of backlit panels enhanced with a subtle square pattern that create a great sense of depth.

Overall, this set has less wood and instead uses the rich colored backgrounds as its centerpiece.


To one side, a bezel-less 4×4 monitor array is framed by a similar background found in the anchor area.

Details such as subtle gobos on the wood panel of the anchor desk further enhance the look.