Man in shorts wanders behind anchor on Vegas newscast

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While having your set open to the newsroom can give viewers the impression that your station is busy at work gathering the news, that look might be ruined by, oh, let’s say, a guy strolling through the newsroom in shorts.

That’s exactly what happened at KTNV-TV in Las Vegas.

A viewer was recently watching an edition of the station’s “Action News” and happened to notice a man, topped with a dress shirt and tie, casually walking through the newsroom in the background wearing a pair of shorts.

Interestingly, the path the man took was almost perfectly aligned to be just to the left of the freestanding flat panel display being used as an OTS element behind the anchor.

Those who work in TV news know it’s pretty common for on air talent to only wear business attire from the waist up, especially during the summer or on weekends. However, they usually have the advantage of being seated behind a desk or shot only from the waist up and not being visible from head to toe as our friend in Vegas.

The video clip of the incident, by the way, was posted on YouTube by a viewer who spotted the incident and decided to record it off screen.

We’re wondering if KTNV-TV should invest in some kind of divider wall sort of like the one WNBC-TV in New York City used back in 2008.