‘omg! Insider’ rebranding back to original name

After less than a year under the banner “omg! Insider,” CBS Television will return the show to its original name, “The Insider,” Jan. 6, ending one of the oddest branding schemes on television.

The show, which has a content deal with Yahoo!’s omg! website, changed its name Jan. 7, 2013.

“Our successful multiyear partnership with Yahoo — bringing online, on air and social media together across platforms — will continue, and viewers will see the same content, style and quality that they have come to expect on The Insider,” the shown’s spokesperson said in a statement.

Ratings for the show have remained flat since the rebranding, consistently ranking sixth among syndicated entertainment shows.

Not only is “omg! Insider” incredibly awkward to type, it’s also an weird combination of valley girl speak and what was a pretty strong, assertive name.



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