Fox Sports to implement ChyronHego tech during Super Bowl

Fox Sports will use the ChyronHego TRACAB Player Tracking System and Paint Sports Telestrator to incorporate realtime player tracking and gameplay analysis data into it Super Bowl XLVIII coverage.

The TRACAB tracking technology and Sportvision tagging software will, together, identify and graphically label players and track their movement, speed and distance covered, both live and during replays.

Paint Sports Telestrator provides graphics animation tools that will help Fox Sports to quickly highlight video content, including player matchups, zooms, offensive plays, routes, rushing yardage, tackles and more.

“Fox Sports is committed to finding innovative ways to better analyze gameplay and bring the excitement inside the stadium to the football fans at home,” said, Michael Davies, vice president of field and technical operations at Fox Sports Media Group in a statement. “TRACAB and Paint integrate easily into our production workflow and simplify the data visualization process so we can focus on telling the best story for our viewers as it unfolds.”