FNTSY Sports Network launches new brand identity

FNTSY Sports Network recently launched with a brand identity and logo created by (n+1) designstudio.

“Working with (n+1) designstudio on this project has confirmed our belief that offering robust fantasy-based programming can be achieved with a clean, eye-catching solution,” said Chad Midgley, vice president of FNTSY. “We are grateful for their participation in what will be the destination channel for the exploding world of fantasy sports.”

FNTSY Sports Network is the first network specifically targeted to the estimated 40 million people who play fantasy sports annually.

The network’s programming includes live studio shows, panels, celebrity and expert drafts, call-in shows, reality programming and on-site commentary from sports venues.

FNTSY Sports Network from (n+1) designstudio on Vimeo.

The creative team at (n+1) designstudio developed a bracket concept to represent that statistical side of fantasy sports that fully immerses the audience in the analytical, informational and breaking news aspects, delivered in a seamless flow of information that is easy to consume and understand.

“The branding challenge for FNTSY was to avoid overloading the viewers and balancing the content within the ticker containers,” said Michael Guastaferro, art director at (n+1) designstudio. “With an expanded multiple-line ticker and two scrolling tickers, we have presented an engaging, entertaining interface to viewers while providing the hard-core content that fantasy sports players crave.”


A division of SMT, (n+1) designstudio crafted the production’s broadcast-quality design to synchronize with SMT’s graphics publishing system, the Data Matrix Switchboard.

The DMX pushes data such as player statistics, injuries, scores and leaderboards to the network’s news tickers and offers direct control of content through an application that allows content to be manually inserted by the network’s operators.