Denver station ditches traditional ‘home base’ in new set

Denver‘s KMGH-TV, the Scripps ABC affiliate has debuted a new set that has a unique feature — it’s “missing” a home base. The set, designed by [link-ddg], was purposefully designed that way to give the station maximum flexibility. The set is also missing chairs or stools — anchors and other talent stand throughout the entire studio, which is wrapped in backlit, color-changing LED printed graphics. In one corner of the set, an L-shaped video wall, which the station has dubbed “Superscreen7,” serves as a visual focal point of the set. The video wall is formed using a 3×5 horizontal flat panel array with five additional vertically mounted to the left. In the opposite corner, three stacked horizontal screens that are flanked by pivoting translucent panels give the station additional storytelling opportunities. On either side of the set, the gray header and footer elements taper slightly closer together creating a shape that encases a large screen monitor. The set also includes movable presentation pods and counters that are all designed for standing height, as shown in this 360-degree view of the studio created by the station: [field name=iframe] The station also has a photo gallery of the demolition of its previous set, temporary set and new set.