From Our Inbox: Emailer upset Snyderman took it ‘apond’ herself to break quarantine

Here at NewscastStudio we’re regularly inundated with emails from TV viewers who apparently think our site is the official site for their local TV station or even network news division.

The comments range from people complaining about being ripped off by a local contractor or other business to “our” supposed bias or ignoring of a story — as well as opinions about talent.

The emails are typically fueled with emotion and, more often than not, filled with entertaining typos, assumptions and points of confusion (beyond the fact that the writer apparently thinks our site is the official way to contact the TV station or network).

We thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the emails we get with y’all … so welcome to a new (hopefully) regular feature here on NewscastStudio: “From Our Inbox.”

Our first installment features someone complaining about NBC News‘ Dr. Nancy Snyderman. We present the emailer’s comments, as we always will, in unedited form:

You need to FIRE Dr Nancy Snyderman!! How dare she take it apond her self to go out of quarantine !!!! I have been watching the today show for 40 years if she comes back on their I’m done I will never watched it again.. Fire her, shame on her as a doctor!!!!

And, because we can’t help ourselves, let’s go point-by-point on the errors in this note:

  • We’re not sure what taking something “apond” yourself means — we’re guessing it has something to do visiting a body of water (or the emailer meant “upon”)
  • “Her self” should be one word.
  • “Back on their” should be “back on there
  • The writer also seems to have a fondness for inserting random extra spaces, extra periods (but somehow seems to miss using a period where it might help break out thoughts into what are known as sentences) and a general overuse of exclamation points
  • For being such a devoted fan of “Today” (40 years!) we’re a bit surprised this emailer isn’t willing to be a bit more forgiving of the show — especially since Snyderman has only been a part of the show for a small fraction of that time

That’s all for this edition. Stay tuned for more! (Oh, and fair warning if you email us with your comments meant for a TV station or network — they might end up the fodder of this column!)