Hit House introduces upbeat, quirky album “Funny Bone Ate”

Production music company, The Hit House has released a new music album entitled “Funny Bone Ate.”

“For those projects out there seeking exciting and unique new music, look no further – your fortunes have been granted,” said Sally House of The Hit House, “Let’s face it – just like with a fortune cookie, what matters the most to someone in need is what’s on the inside. The same thing is true with ‘Funny Bone Ate,’ the latest album from our gifted chefs here at The Hit House.”

The album includes upbeat, artist-driven pop, rock, comedy, family and quirky music for use in a variety of productions.

Tracks from the “Funny Bone Ate” album have previously been featured in high profile commercials for Netflix, Honda and DirecTV, as well as in trailers promoting the feature films “Book of Life,” “Big Hero 6,” “Frozen,” and dozens of others.