RCS debuts LaunchPad Touchscreen for real-time soccer analysis

Real time graphics company, Reality Check Systems has introduced a new, customizable solution to simplify touchscreen analysis for soccer broadcasts.

Combining RCS’ proprietary software with third-party hardware and cloud data from domestic and international soccer matches, the solution is available in a variety of configurations and gives on-air talent access to real-time analytics and telestration tools to engage fans.

“LaunchPad sincerely heightens the quality of our work and is a very useful production tool. I enjoy how easy it is to operate and the information that is possible to get out of it during and after the game,” said Carsten Skjelbreid, presenter for SBS Discovery. “It isn’t just a cool toy; it’s a journalistic tool that enables us to show our audience why one team is performing better than the other. LaunchPad has given us a competitive advantage. I just love it.”

LaunchPad boasts a user-friendly interface that enables operators to call up touchscreen graphics for analysis of the desired league, team, player or match in any language and seamlessly transition between them.

LaunchPad Highlights

  • Intuitive UI: An easy-to-use interface ensures simple setup and navigation without requiring engineering or IT expertise. Quickly save pages, create playlists, set up defaults and build rundowns on the fly.
  • Extensive Customization: Available in any language, LaunchPad arrives with a custom graphics package featuring elements (colors, fonts, logos, backgrounds, etc.) that match the client’s desired aesthetic. A web-based portal also allows users to establish shortcuts, settings and preferences; translate text; change core elements like team names; and create manual graphics from scratch.
  • Robust Toolset: RCS’ software and plug-ins integrate seamlessly with the Vizrt Engine and a third-party touchscreen to deliver an all-in-one toolset for graphically illustrating real-time scores, results, standings, statistics and much more.
  • Cloud Database: Deliver live scores and analytics instantly over the Internet with RCS’ cloud database. Harnessing live data from Opta’s feeds, it eliminates the traditional overhead of backend integration, supplemental hardware and local database maintenance.
  • Remote Access/Control: A complementary RCS Navigator application for the Apple® iPad® can be used to access and control LaunchPad from any network to which the Vizrt Viz Engine is connected.
  • Support for Third-Party Tools: Compatible with several industry-standard tools, LaunchPad seamlessly integrates with video servers like EVS and analysis technology such as Piero, allowing on-screen talent to engage in advanced video analysis.
  • Subscription Model: A cost-efficient monthly subscription fee provides access to ongoing feature updates from RCS’ interactive developers, eliminating the need for an internal development team.