The Lighting Design Group helps CNBC celebrate 25 years

CNBC celebrated 25 years in November with a gala at the Time Warner Building in New York City.

The Lighting Design Group staff designers, programmers, gaffers, and Local One I.A.T.S.E crew members worked with CNBC on the project, creating multiple lighting setups in Rose Hall, home to Jazz at Lincoln Center.

The first event of the evening occurred in The Rose Theater, lit by LDG President Steve Brill. The one-hour, panel show was broadcast live and hosted by CNBC’s Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money.”

“Due to several variables we opted to use VL 3500s for much of the heavy lifting,” said Brill in a statement.

One was the shutter capabilities, which allowed granular control over the lighting of each panelist.

“They are also very powerful units, allowing us to place the fixtures far away and low on the balcony rails, which works well for camera. A lot changes in T.V., sometimes last minute, so it was critical for us to have the ability to make quick adjustments as changes happened.”

Matt Piercy programmed the rig.



Afterwards guests moved into The Appel Room, a beautifully adorned space with large windows overlooking Columbus Circle lit by Senior Designer Niel Galen and Lighting Designer Dan Rousseau, here guests ate dinner, while three separate panels discussed trends in business and global markets.

“Our goal was to make the room as warm and inviting as possible, but not distract from the views the venue offers of Central Park South,” said Dan Rousseau. The team used existing gear to light the room, including Martin Vipers, lighting the panelists for camera within a warm and inviting template and color wash.

Finally guests ended their evening with cocktails and entertainment in The David Rubenstein Atrium, lit by Senior Designer Mike Grabowski.

“Big, branded, and classy,” said Mike Grabowski of the overall design. “Exhibits, like Google Glass, were on display in addition to other tech gear, which we lit with Source 4 lekos using enhanced definition lens tubes, which helped keep all the shutter cut lines crisp and clean.”

Bands played jazz and show tunes on an installed stage.

Greg Purnell programmed the moving light package.

“This wasn’t a rock concert,” said Grabowski. “So we had to be conservative.”

Grabowski used Nexus 4×4 panels to create simple bitmap effects to add more visual spice.

Michael Kemp, the Senior Project Manager for LDG, helped facilitate the logistics.

“There was a lot of crew to keep track of,” said Kemp, “but a real challenge was the ‘horse trading’ of gear from room to room.”

As the needs of the various rooms changed on-site, LDs would exchange gear to accommodate the changes.

“It was an odd thing to manage, this sort of bartering of lighting gear,” said Kemp.


4 Wall Entertainment Lighting Rentals of New York provided supplemental lighting equipment.

Evan Purcell, Jon Goss, and Eric Kasprisin were the gaffers on the project.

“We are grateful to have been a part of their first 25 years, and we hope to continue providing our services in the next 25 years,” said Brill.