WSI introduces augmented reality for weather and traffic systems

WSI, the professional division of The Weather Company, today announced Max Reality, an augmented reality product for weather and traffic reporting, in a statement.

Max Reality creates 3D images of storms and traffic events, visualizing weather and traffic data, helping local TV stations attract and hold viewers longer while providing an experience that cannot be matched on mobile devices.

“Augmented reality is something of a Holy Grail for local newscasts,” said Mark Gildersleeve, president, WSI. “Max Reality is the first product that provides a full AR experience for local stations without having to add staff or learn new systems. And when viewers see these incredible images and the storytelling that this technology allows, viewers will stay longer, particularly during the critical morning hours when they watch for weather and traffic updates.”

As the newest addition to the Max EcoSystem, Max Reality utilizes the same user interface with which WSI customers are already familiar, and integrates easily into a broadcaster’s workflow so that customers can create an AR presentation quickly without adding staff.

Max Reality’s 3D imagery is fully compatible with WSI’s interactive storytelling tool, Max Studio, enabling a station’s on-air talent to stay on camera and take viewers inside weather and traffic events.

Max Reality is the only augmented reality product on the market that incorporates traffic data and graphics so that stations can use it to produce stunning segments in the two content categories that are daily habits – weather and traffic.