Charlotte CBS implements virtual from Hybrid, FX

WBTV-TV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte, has added virtual studio technology using Hybrid TV’s Neon solution.

Earlier this year, WBTV-TV debuted a new hard set from FX Design Group that also included an area specifically designed for virtual breaking news, weather events, elections and special coverage.

The virtual set at WBTV-TV relies on Hybrid’s Krypton 3D engine and Ozone external control application. Using fixed camera signals on a green screen, Neon allows astonishing virtual camera motions such as virtual roll, pan, traveling and crane movements, according to a statement from Hybrid.


FX Design Group added this virtual solution in the beginning of its design planning stages. Mack McLaughlin, CEO and creative director of FX advises that “having the two versions – hard set and virtual set — give stations the utmost in technology in preparing for the future and the best in flexibility for the ever-changing broadcast environments.”

“Our shared mission, with FX and Hybrid, as we brought the virtual set on-line, was to blur the lines between real and virtual, so the viewer experience is enhanced well beyond what any station can do with a hard set alone,” said Dennis Milligan, the station’s news director, in a joint statement issued by FX Design Group and Hybrid. “This effectively doubles the creative space available to producers.”