CNN serving up sponsored Facebook posts

CNN has begun featuring sponsored posts on its Facebook newsfeed.

Recently, CVS began sponsoring a series of posts ostensibly focused on health issues — including “From pool bacteria to battling sunburns, here’s your guide to summer health safety” and the riveting “Debbie Harry is 70, but she doesn’t look her age. Here are ways that you can age gracefully” (clickbait, anyone?).

The posts appear in the normal CNN newsfeed and are marked as sponsored at the end of the post along with having CVS’s Facebook page tagged in the post.

Clicking on the post takes users to a page that contains a full version of the sponsored content. The content is marked, in the upper right, as being “Presented by CVS Health,” though it’s not exactly the most straightforward or even visible disclaimer.

It’s important to note the distinction of this type of post and Facebook’s own ad products.

Two of the CVS-sponsored Facebook posts are shown below:

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