PrimeTime promises ‘more punch and throw’ with new light

PrimeTime Lighting has launched a brighter led light, the 1SLED XB.

“It’s the new standard for studio LED lighting,” said Glen Harn, CEO or PrimeTime, in a release.  “Plenty of punch and throw emanates from the 1SLED XB with PrimeTime’s renowned engineering technology and quality manufacturing heritage.”

  • No fan. Passive cooling because of PrimeTime’s exclusive heat sink engineering.
  • Quality reflectors. PrimeTime leads the industry in brightness with reflective technology.
  • Energy-saving LED. Strategic design to maximize illumination.
  • Five year warranty. PrimeTime’s products are built to use and built to last.
  • Value. At a base MSRP of $1,885, the July Factory Discount offer is $1,414.

“The extra bright 1SLED XB is unique among the profusion of LED products introduced in the broadcast industry,” said Harn.