Electronica artist Roderick Jayne releases ‘Music for Quiet Highway’

Roderick Jayne, an ambient/electronica band whose music has been described as “Deep House meets Tangerine Dream,” has released its newest album “Music for the Quiet Highway.”

“Music for the Quiet Highway” includes 14 tracks which are currently available for sync Licensing for film, TV, advertising and multi-media projects. Licensing inquires can be sent to this email.

Members of the band wish to remain “purposely anonymous,” so members of the band release little information on background of biography.

“Hopefully the music speaks for itself,” said the members of Roderick Jayne. “Turn up the volume, and if you like what you hear, please purchase our music via iTunes and feel the Roderick Jayne mood anytime that suits you. We also invite you to please share the love by sharing our music on social media with others.”