‘CNN Newsroom’ debuts from Los Angeles

“CNN Newsroom” began broadcasting from Los Angeles early Monday morning, with presenters Isha Sesay and John Vause.

The broadcast uses the JHD Group designed set that’s often home of HLN’s “Dr. Drew,” and includes a space for a studio audience. The set has also served CNN talent traveling in L.A., but was primarily designed to match HLN’s updated Studio 7 in Atlanta with a driftwood loft-style vibe.


For the broadcast, the sets backlit paneling is colored blue, with a small desk placed in front of the monitor array and all HLN branding removed. The set includes swappable furniture, as during “Dr. Drew” an interview setup is typically used in the same location.


Graphically, the show uses the main “Newsroom” graphics package with a Los Angeles skyline for the on-set background.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 10.55.15 PM