Kansas City CBS updates broadcast design, logo

Meredith Corporation’s KCTV-TV updated its motion graphics package and branding over the weekend, rolling out a new logo and updated color scheme with the look.

The new design, which has all the hallmarks of a RenderOn project, revolves around a swirl of glass-like layers.

In the opening, these layers flow as text is overlaid, spinning to reveal the extruded call letters and number five. This large, glossy five is then used throughout the package on many segment opens.


Main title card for news


Sports segment opening



Along with the motion graphics, the stations logo saw an update, adding the CBS Eye and dropping the website URL.

Right: previous logo, Left: new logo.

Right: previous logo, Left: new logo.

KCTV-TV also switched to Warner Chappell’s High Velocity V.3 news music package with the update.