Alex Rodriguez damages Fox Sports set with football

Remember how your mother used to say don’t throw balls inside the house? Well, the same rule probably should apply to studios with pricey sets and video walls.

As part of welcoming former Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez to Fox Sports as a commentator, the “Fox NFL Sunday” hosts thought it would be nice to let Rodriguez show off his athletic prowess.

Although known as a baseball player, Rodriguez had played football in high school, so the hosts had him throw a football to Jay Glazer, who standing across the studio in front of a giant video wall.

So, Rodriguez tossed the ball — right into a panel of the video wall, causing the front of the monitor to shatter and crack. The monitor actually continued to operate (albeit with a very distorted image) as the hosts and Rodriguez laughed about the mistake.

The damaged panel will no doubt need to be swapped out — hopefully before the next time the studio’s needed.