CNBC uses odd sketches for debate participant portraits

Apparently tired of using photos of candidates , CNBC decided to get creative and use line drawings for showcasing the upcoming Republican debate lineup.

The drawings of the floating heads come across as rather amateurish, especially when juxtapositioned with the cable network’s “Your money, your vote” graphics package.

Of particular note: Chris Christie, whose drawing really looks like only a passing representation of him; Ted Cruz, who appears to have shaved off 20 years off his age. Speaking of shaving, Ben Carson’s portrait appears to be missing part of his goatee. Also, Carly Fiorina’s hair looks, at best, like a mop.

The use of drawings is certainly a creative alternative to the typical photographs used in this type of design, but perhaps CNBC could have invested in a better artist. Perhaps something more along the lines of the Wall Street Journal’s hedcuts (woodcut-style mug shots) would have worked better.



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