Vizrt to showcase new innovations

Vizrt will demonstrate new tools for launching pop ­up stations, multiplatform workflows, IP streaming technologies, a powerful video playout solution and more at this year’s NAB Show.

Story ­centric production

Today’s broadcasters are transitioning to digital news organizations, playing alongside the digital­-only media houses, online newspapers and the new media space. To capture eyeballs, a news story needs to reach the audience anywhere and on all platforms first.

At NAB, Vizrt will demonstrate tools for today’s journalists to work smarter.

Vizrt tools allow newsrooms to easily stitch together multiple video clips, add templated graphics to video timelines, create automation controls and video wall presets and publish stories instantly to mobile and web and to live news channels and studios, from within the same HTML-based tools.

Vizrt ‘s Meta­graphics workflow helps ensure journalists do not need to burn graphics into videos and assets can be reused and edited throughout the entire production of a news story.

For media houses with no traditional newsroom system, Vizrt’s Showmaker tool enables scripting of stories, editing of graphic and video templates. Showmaker is also ideal for pop up live channels, podcast production, live productions and sports and entertainment events, in conjunction with the Viz Opus compact control room offering.

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One PC control room solution

NAB_article_imageVizrt will demonstrate the new version of Viz Opus featuring a new switcher-­like interface familiar to traditional directors and with the ability to import playlists from traffic, providing commercial playout as well as comprehensive master control capabilities. Also, a tech preview will be shown of audio­ based automatic vision mixer switching.


Efficiently combining graphics, video and metadata

The latest enhancements to the Viz One Media Asset Management system will be shown, including how to use Apple ProRes for large video archives, a more powerful panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, a new version of the Vizrt proxy­ editor, faster development tools toward Viz One and updated workflow processes and a smarter integration to OpenStack Swift.

These tools allow stories to be published to the Web using our automatic packaging and transcoding from the control room. Production will also be shown using highly efficient H.264 compressed streams. Video can also be sent directly to social media including support for ASPEN, JPEG 2000, and SMPTE codecs. Attendees will also see a technical preview of Coder transcoding high­ quality video with different graphics adapted to different channels and resolutions using NVIDIA hardware acceleration and MPEG­DASH.

A single Viz Engine , multiple use cases

Vizrt’s realtime compositor, Viz Engine, will be demonstrated as a complete­ video playout solution, with a fast four channel video playout one ­box setup. Viz Engine is capable of taking up to eight live inputs and has 16 virtual clip channels.

Vizrt will also showcase its IP format support and will demonstrate IP streaming capabilities with SMPTE 2022­6 IP in and out and J2K IP out, on Matrox x.mio3E, as well as ASPEN IP streaming. Viz Engine will also be featured in several 4K real­time demonstrations and as a real­time VR and AR camera tracking processor in Vizrt’s hourly live public show.

Vizrt will also show a tech preview of a new ingest solution, allowing for simultaneous recording of live feeds with live proxy generated during ingest so material can be edited immediately.

Sports showcase

Viz-EclipseVizrt will also display its many sports production tools that rights holders of the Rio Games as well as international sporting events like EURO football and Copa America can use to enhance official broadcasts: interactive graphics, augmented and virtual live sports, sports analysis, and a live “CG for trucks” one­-box solution.

Viz Eclipse, Vizrt’s virtual overlay solution, is making its debut at NAB, giving content owners the ability to insert unobtrusive region­-specific ads directly into television feeds utilizing Vizrt’s pioneering image­-based camera tracking innovation.

Studio screen control

The latest version of Vizrt’s multiscreen studio control system, Viz Multiplay, will be demonstrated with an improved workflow for editing content and new vision mixer integration, allowing for switcher recall control.

Social TV

Tweet mapAlso on view will be a demonstration of new one­ box solution with a custom touch screen application for the U.S. election night results, featuring global telestration, media players, social media, election maps and live data feeds.

New features of Vizrt Social TV include native support for polls and new integrations for viewer engagement built specifically for elections and live events. Users can also now send social messages straight from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to newsroom templates. The Vizrt Social TV demo will also include an interactive news and maps solution and a technology preview of the new web­-based moderation interface.

Weather alerts

Vizrt’s Weather Alerts solution will be shown with many new enhancements, including animated alert maps, polygonal warning support, advanced alert automation support and more. In addition, broadcasters can now comply with FCC regulations with native text­-to­-speech support embedded in secondary audio channels.